Our Solutions

Our solutions are based upon your business needs. The solution could involve one or more of the following products. Some needs are very granular/straight forward and can be solved with on product where some solutions are much more complex and require the use of several different products. Where ever your company falls on the spectrum of complexity and diversity, solution delivered to you will be thorough.


We provide applications that will solve any of your business needs. Whether the need is to create a custom application or provide additional features to an existing application, we will ensure your business needs are met.

Other types of applications we provide are add-on or integration tools. We can provide additional custom functionality to a software package or automate moving data from one application to another. Bottom line, ARD will ensure your business application needs are met!


Reporting is a crucial part of any company. Our team can provide real-time custom reporting for any area of your business. No matter what type of reporting needs your company has, our team will provide you with fast, reliable, professional looking reports.

The types of reports we have provided to clients are as follows, but are not limited to:

  • Client-reporting
  • Corporate reporting i.e. sales, forecasting, accounting, executive, etc
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management


The life line of any company starts with their data. Only accurate data will ensure your company’s success. ARD can provide assistance in a variety of ways to ensure your data is reliable. Whether you need assistance with cleansing your data, data warehousing solution, data standardization, or any other data-related concerns, we are hear to provide you with the solution to your needs.